So when your considering or ready to buy something such as;

  • Vacant land
  • Off-the-plan: Townhouses, units or houses
  • Houses: New or established
  • Units/Flats/Apartments: Strata, stratum and company share
  • Carparks: Common property leases and licence agreements
  • Commercial: Factories, offices and shops

Ensure we are your first point of contact, so we can take care of everything for you. Let it be our job and not your worry!!

A few tips to get you started

We understand that buying a house can be stressful but it is important to be aware of certain conditions and agreements that may potentially cost more than your house purchase price. Contact us first so that we can review your contract and give you advice to ensure you are not locked into something that you are not prepared for. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Purchase subject to a Building and pest inspection

To ensure your new home is structurally safe and termite free, we recommend our trusted building inspector Robert Francischelli to inspect the property for any building faults or pests. Contact Robert on 0477 660 118 to arrange a building and pest inspection.

Consider Title insurance

Title insurance is becoming very popular and good practise to ensure no out of pocket legal costs in the future for unforeseen issues regarding your house and land. Title Insurance can protect you from issues such as illegal structures, incorrect boundaries, fraud, forgery and identity theft, planning and title defects and unsatisfied conditions of development applications and the list goes on. We highly recommend it because it’s a one-time premium that lasts forever, no excess payable on claims. When you are spending so much money on your next investment or dream home it only seems logical to protect your asset.

Double check to make sure everything works

The last thing you want is to move into your new home and find the air conditioner doesn’t work. Ensure that all appliances, taps and light switches are in working order before signing a contract of sale.